• You can get a glimpse into the world of hot peppers with a visit to our farm. To make your visit a real experience in 2021 we have created a Spicy Tasting that perfectly complements the Spicy Tour.
  • We create products with natural hotness without adding artificial capsaicin. We only use natural and fresh peppers directly from our garden.
  • 100% quality of our products - without GMOs, artificial colors and enhancers.
  • Only in our portfolio you can find hot sweets without added sugar that are suitable for diabetics.
  • Attention in every drop - our products enable people with sensitive stomachs to consume hot products calmly. We use innovative technology that removes every seed and husk and protects the body.
  • No waste - The closed production cycle allows us to have no waste. Everything that is left over from the production of our products is used for peat.


  • Quality products! - a philosophy that obliges us to produce the best and you to be critical and seek the best.
  • Love for hot! - a philosophy with which we encode love in the "DNA" of everything we create, and you search with love.
  • It's tastier with hot! - a philosophy that says that the taste of food is more important than the need for satiety.
  • Spicy is happiness! - a philosophy that says happiness can be created and maintained, not just waited for.
  • Standard for LUTO - "Luta Ferma" village of Strashimirovo.
  • Products for everyone - For young and old. From slightly spicy to extremely hot. From spicy fruit jam without sugar to products from the hottest pepper in the world.
  • With care for nature - we grow everything with love and in accordance with nature. We believe that there is no inexhaustible resource, and nature is of particular importance for our existence, therefore we take care of it.

Who are we?

We are the Rodinovs – Hristo, Darina, Elena, Slavena, and Stoyan. Our farm is located 15 km away from our sea capital – Varna, in the village of Strashimirovo, a few minutes from the remarkable Pobiti Kamani. Here, we enjoy a good climate and soil, which are of great importance for growing our plants. We have 10 acres of our own acreage and greenhouses where we care for and grow our exotic plants, as well as our own facility made in harmony with all standards and technologies to deliver the best quality and traceability.

What we do

It all started back in 1997, when we decided to go into farming. To create life and nurture it in the best way possible. This is our vocation. We have grown various vegetables and spices for years, always being dedicated to our work. We got all our experience and knowledge from books, but most of all from hands-on experience, which for us is a daily routine and a way of life. We know how the whole process of growing a plant works – from the sowing itself, the root formation, the strengthening, to the plucking of the fruit. In 2012, we discovered the world of hot peppers, and since then they have been our greatest love and passion.

The First Hot Farm in Bulgaria

It all started in jest and today it is our main business and aspiration. We fell in love with these amazing plants when we learned about their countless beneficial qualities in a variety of areas. We started growing chillies for our own health purposes. From consuming fresh chili for personal benefits, we've come to sauces, jams, condiments, dried chilies, olive oil and more. We've studied every single benefit, use and combination of chili peppers and trust us – they have no limits. In every specialty, appetizer, entrée, paired with cheese, fruit, desserts, coffee, liqueurs, wherever they are used, chili peppers add new flavors and beneficial properties that help us be healthy. We have 15 greenhouses where we grow our plants in the best way.

mission and purpose

We grow about 150 varieties of chilli peppers. We close the whole cycle of production – from planting, picking the fruit, to the finished product and all by hand. We believe that growing hot peppers, just like any other plant, takes love and dedication. We continue to evolve , creating new, innovative and healthy products. We emphasize on creativity, flavour, originality, and absolute and unprecedented quality. Hot products on the market in Bulgaria are increasing, but read the label and choose the First Hot Farm in Bulgaria – Hotfarm!

quality without compromise

Our logo shows a squeezed pepper, which symbolizes the most distinctive feature of our products – they all contain natural fresh chilli peppers, directly from our farm without spices, without vegetables, without colouring. We use only the best quality peppers for our production, and the quality control of our products is entirely manual, starting from the selection of the seeds, through the selection of the healthiest, ripest peppers, to achieving precision in every drop of sauce. We separate the skin, membranes, and seeds separately. The processing of each pepper makes the finished product stomach-friendly and suitable even for people with gastritis, ulcers, and other stomach problems. We have created products in which we replaced sugar with apple juice. This allows us to state that spicy equals healthy! And did you know that the pungency can be increased with capsaicin powder, which is an interference with the character of chili peppers? Our products carry the heat of the natural spiciness of each pepper grown under the Bulgarian sun on our farm.

Experience the Madness of the Hot Show!

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