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Trinidad Moruga Chocolate Seeds

Trinidad Moruga Chocolate Seeds are for extremely hot peppers. It originates from the region of Trinidad and Tobago. Until 2012,

Chocolate Habanero seeds

The Chocolate Habanero seeds belong to the Habanero chili pepper variety which is one of the most common in the world.

White Habanero seeds

The White Habanero seeds are for chili the Habanero pepper variety – one of the most common in the world. It

Семена Български Морков

Семена Български Морков. С този сорт чушки България може да се гордее. It is the most famous hot pepper from

Jalapeño seeds

Семена Халапеньо за са най-популярната чушка в света. Много месеста и подходяща за пълнене. Приятно лют сорт. Произилиза от град

Seeds of Anaheim

Anaheim seeds are for peppers that are very good for popping. Very productive. It is quite large and easy to

Leskovacka Dzinka seeds

Leskovacka Dzinka seeds are for peppers with a pleasant pungency Origin: Serbia Very tasty Suitable for canning Origin: Hot Farm,

Urfa seeds

Urfa – the "Urfa" is a large hot red pepper that resembles the common pepper known as "red capsicum". It

Serrano seeds

Serrano seeds are for a variety of peppers in the jalapeño family. In Mexico it is used for a type

Tabasco seeds

Tabasco originated in Mexico. The peppers are pointed and usually grow up to 2 inches long. Its colour varies from

Bhut Jolokia Red

For comparison, this pepper is between 100 – 400 times hotter than the jalapeñovariety.

Homegrown Mini Greenhouse – habanero

Habanero pepper mix: White, Chocolate, Red, and Orange Habanero Hot Farm's home-built mini greenhouse includes 7 must-have elements for your success: - a plastic greenhouse with transparent lid - 12 receptacles - 20 seeds (a mix of your choice of the hottest peppers, ornamental or exotic) - fertilizer – customized for the growth of chilli peppers - peat substrate - instructions for use - stickers for marking the varieties + GIFT booklet – growing guide We offer a mini greenhouse with three types of seeds:
  1. A mix of the most beautiful ornamental peppers: Bolivian Rainbow, Orange Wonder, Fire Wonder, Black Ornamental, Peperoncino Ornamentale, Happy, Yellow Wonder, etc.
  2. Habanero pepper mix: Chocolate, Red and Orange Habanero.
  3. A mix of the world's hottest peppers: Moruga Scorpion Red, Moruga Scorpion Yellow, 7 Pot Chocolate.

Hot Farm is a leading producer of peppers, sweet and spicy sauces, seedlings, and other products in Bulgaria. The company focuses on creating high-quality, natural, and innovative products to meet the growing demand for healthy and delicious foods.

One of Hot Farm’s main categories is “Hobby Seeds”. This category offers a wide range of seeds suitable for home growing by amateur gardeners and enthusiasts. Here you will find a variety of pepper, vegetable, and herb seeds that will help you create your own mini-garden or enrich your existing one.

Why choose Hot Farm seeds for your hobby?

  1. Quality and Origin: Hot Farm seeds are grown with care and attention, using only the best raw materials and modern technologies. Each batch undergoes strict quality control to ensure high seed quality and viability.
  2. Diverse Assortment: The “Hobby Seeds” category offers a wide variety of species and varieties, allowing you to experiment and find exactly what interests you. You will find both traditional and unique, rare varieties suitable for every taste.
  3. Easy to Grow: Hot Farm seeds are specially selected and processed to be easy to germinate and grow, even for beginner gardeners. You will receive detailed instructions and tips to ensure successful results.
  4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: The company is committed to sustainable practices in production, using biodegradable packaging and striving to reduce its carbon footprint. This way, you can enjoy your hobby while contributing to environmental protection.
  5. Innovation and Inspiration: Hot Farm continuously develops new varieties and products to offer its customers the latest trends and creative possibilities. You will find seeds for unusual and exotic plants that will inspire you to experiment and develop your hobbies.