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Jalapenño Roasted

Weight : 320 g


Griddle Popped Jalapeño hot peppers Crispy, slightly spicy and very tasty Carefully arranged by hand in a jar Hot peppers are grown in our own gardens Bulgarian garlic, Bulgarian carrots, Bulgarian dill

For hundreds of years, popped chilli peppers have been an indispensable part of our traditional meal. For generations, HOT FERMA has kept its own recipe for the perfect homemade marinade for them.

Today we are happy to share the Bulgarian taste with a new twist, using jalapeño – a fleshy, moderately hot and delicious pepper.

Jalapeño slices

Weight : Net quantity: 320 g drained quantity: 200 g


This is a very popular pickle, both in our country and around the world. The peppers are crunchy and chilli. However, we at HotFarm have prepared the marinade in a very special way that you are sure to love.

Extremely tasty, we would even say addictive. Our table is unthinkable without this product.