Corporate gifts

Have you chosen a corporate gift for your partners and the people you work with?

Choose hot products from the First Bulgarian Hot Farm. Make your choice from a wide selection of spicy for every taste. HotFarm offers innovative products that are gentle on the stomach.

Why give something spicy?

  • ancient traditions perceived that spicy things chase away poverty
  • hot is health
  • hot is happiness
  • Hot is tasteful

Wide variety of sets and combinations

Over 19 special offers
Over 40 products to choose from

Economical and premium gifts

You could choose a rich set or a single jar

100% Bulgarian

What better opportunity to demonstrate respect and consideration for the important people in your business

Our philosophy:
  • Quality products! – a philosophy that obliges us to produce the best and you to be critical and seek the best.
  • Love spicy! – a philosophy whereby we encode love in the "DNA" of everything we create, and you lovingly seek.
  • The hotter, the tastier! – a philosophy that says that the taste of food is more important than the need for satiety.
  • Hot is happiness! – a philosophy that says happiness can be created and maintained, not just waited for.
  • Standard for SPICINESS – HotFarm village of Strashimirovo.
  • Products for everyone – For young and old. From slightly spicy to extremely hot. From spicy fruit jams without sugar to products from the world's hottest pepper.
  • With care for nature – we grow everything with love and in an environmentally friendly way. We believe that there is no inexhaustible resource, and nature is particularly important for our existence, so we take care of it.