We welcome guests with an appreciated spicy non-alcoholic cocktail, made entirely according to a homemade recipe, cooling and invigorating


      A walk around the farm and an extended talk. Presentation of detailed information about each individual pepper variety – where it comes from, its characteristics, hotness, specifics, how to grow, sowing, yield, most common pests and diseases, as well as interesting information about the different varieties


      You will try all our products presented in an interesting and unconventional way:
      – Homemade pies and bruschetta
      – Plate of cheeses served with spicy sweet
      – Homemade slightly spicy snacks
      -Stuffed Jalapeno peppers with cheese mousse wrapped in bacon
      -Pulled veal
      – Homemade spicy souffle with a scoop of ice cream
      – Water


      We send each guest a compliment from “LUTA FARM”

      лют тур


      If you would like to visit our farm, you can check out the options here. We will show you, involve you and make you a part of a different, colourful and magical world – the world of spicy.

      Join the one of a kind HOT TOUR in Bulgaria

      Bulgaria is full of countless little-known and unique places that arouse admiration and elevate the senses. We will tell you about one such place (our HOT TOUR), which besides being unique at our latitude, also carries the story of the tireless Bulgarian spirit, perseverance, camaraderie and entrepreneurship. The story of the first chilli farm in Bulgaria can be told in many ways, but there is only one way to truly experience it – by leaving yourself to our hospitality and visiting our chilli tasting room by the shores of Varna Lake in the village of Strashimirovo (14 km from the town of Varna).

      A sensory experience

      HOT TOUR offers a true sensory experience. You will be welcomed with our captivating, refreshing, and energizing Hot Farm cocktail and then you will plunge into the world of spicy. You don't need to be an absolute fan of the hot taste to enjoy incredibly delicious homemade recipes, slightly spicy jams made from strawberries, roses and chilli peppers, sauces, appetizers, or to go on a fascinating walk through the farm, the greenhouses, the world of chilli peppers. And for the lovers of true spiciness, the extreme experience is guaranteed with a tasting of our spicy, spicier and spiciest products, as well as gifts.

      Hot peppers from around the world

      We grow over 160 varieties of hot peppers from all over the world.

      HOT TOUR will meet you with the hottest pepper in the world, the hottest Bulgarian pepper and peppers with the most interesting and bizarre shapes.

      Over the last few years, we have been working hard to create and cultivate a new variety of hot pepper. In the month of March 2022, the farm received an official technical test report from IASAS with number 4907/92/.2019 for the creation of a new hot pepper variety for the world with the name “Bulgarian Spirit”.

      Come visit us!

      What makes HOT FARM different from all the other places you have visited is that in a single place you can experience a family’ s lifestyle, culture, and routine, a farm, greenhouses, a production facility, a separate tasting area, and also see and taste authentic hot products. On site, you will learn about the entire process of producing and packaging our HotFarm branded hot products and how they reach your table. Our team is small but does everything with deep commitment, love, hard work, faith and consistency. For us, every guest is special and upon leaving HOT FARM and HOT TOUR, everyone carries its spirit and emotion, which lasts long, because eating hot makes us happier. Welcome to HOT FARM!


      Лют тур
      Лют тур