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History of hot peppers

Origin of hot peppers

Where do they come from, where do they originate and how do they spread?

Hot peppers date back to 7,000 BC. Back then, the plants were mostly grown in Mexico, yet they were a spice strictly limited in Mexican cuisine.

Many years ago, when travelers began to travel the world, they  were looking for new, exotic plants and products from different countries. They then distributed them as gifts in the various parts of the world they visited.
Christopher Columbus is believed to have brought chili peppers from Mexico to America, thus introducing chili to Americans.

Columbus planned a cruise from Spain to India to bring exotic plants

in his native country. However, he mistook America for India, thus mistaking chili peppers for black pepper. Therefore, hot peppers have different names in different parts of the world.

When chili reached Spain, it soon became a staple in Spanish feasts. After that, hot plants began to spread to the rest of Europe, becoming an important ingredient for every European delicacy. Spicy has even begun to replace some basic spices in traditional cuisine.

After Vasco da Gama sailed from

Portugal, he carried this strong spice with him to India. Soon after chili spread to this country, it began to be widely cultivated and used.
In the late 18th century, experiments with the crossbreeding of hot peppers began. In 1906 a new variety called Anaheim appeared. Over time and years, more and more new varieties appeared, and today hot peppers reach about 400 species worldwide.

When chili was introduced to India, very soon people there started using it in medicine because they discovered  its medicinal properties. It was used to treat indigestion and by stimulating endorphins in the blood, thanks to the heat, people coped with pain more easily.

Today, it is almost impossible to think of an Indian restaurant without chili. Also, India is the largest exporter of chili peppers with provisions of 25%, contributing to the development


of these plants worldwide.
Apart from Indian cuisine, American cuisine uses many different types of chili peppers in the preparation of all kinds of meat and other foods – on a daily basis.

Spicy is not an uncommon favorite. With all 400 varieties, hot peppers are spread all over the world and are used by many in many ways, as well as for treatment and health care.

We love spicy, how about you?

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