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Wooden Box

Specially made for Hot Farm – this wooden box is the perfect gift for every ocassion.


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Cinnamon Wooden Box

In the box there are 6 types of minced and dried chilli peppers:

  1. Minced Dried Carolina Reaper
  2. Minced Dried Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
  3. Minced Dried Habanero
  4. Minced Dried Mushroom Pepper
  5. Minced Dried Serrano
  6. Minced Dried Djulinska Shipka



Hot Farm offers you the option to choose the products which you like the most and to make another variety of products in the wooden box.

Other combinations:

  1. two sauces (your choise)
  2. one sauce and three types of minced and dried chilli peppers (your choise) Notice: The price depends of the products which you put inside. The empty box is 10 lv.

Hot Farm, Strashimirovo, Bulgaria

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