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Hot Chocolate Habanero Pureè

Homemade natural chilli pureè.
Just an amazing combination of  deep spicy taste and specific aroma citrus characteristically for that variety.

The perfect supplement for every dish!


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Съдържание: 40 ml
Price: 6.00лв.
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Chocolate Habanero Pureè

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Скала на Сковил
300 000 - 500 000 scoville
About the product
An amazing flavor, natural color and aroma.
80% Habanero Chocolate chilli peppers, white vinegar, salt
glass jar with metal cap,  intended for foods
40 ml.
Hot Farm, Strashimirovo, Bulgaria All of the chilli peppers used in the pureè are our own production.
once being opened in a room temperature, without direct sunlight

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