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Olive oil/Vinegar Bottle

Hot farm is presenting you a specially made glass bottle filled with dry chili peppers, which you can fill up with olive oil or vinegar.

Съдържание: 250 ml
Price: 9.00лв.
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Olive oil / Vinegar Bottle

The chili peppers will spice up the oil/vinegar and will add a nice spicy taste and great scent . The oil/vinegar has to chill with the peppers for 3 to 4 weeks in order to be ready for use.
It will be an amazing secret weapon for your culinary skills.

If you want the spice to be at arms length this is for you.
It’s the jewel in the crown of your kitchen.

  • It has a dispenser.

Origin: All of the chilli peppers are grown in Hot Farm, Strashimirovo, Bulgaria

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