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Minced and Dried Carolina Reaper

Extremely hot!

Naturally grown, dried and minced chilli peppers. The hottest chilli pepper in the world from 2013. Carilona Reaper was created by crossbreeding Naga and Red Habanero.

Guinness World Record!





Съдържание: 10 g
Price: 9.00лв.

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Minced Dried Carolina Reaper

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Скала на Сковил
1 900 000 - 2 200 000 scoville
About the product
Extremely hot chilli pepper with natural fruity aroma
dried and minced chilli peppers Carolina Reaper, the hottest chilli pepper in the world
glass jar with metal cap,  intended for foods
10 gr.
All of the chilli peppers are grown and packed in Hot Farm, Strashimirovo, Bulgaria
dry and brightening place

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